Insurance Solutions

ODYSSEY Enterprise System:    
ODYSSEY Enterprise System is designed for the insurance enterprise. Multi-lingual, flexible, rich in functionality and integrated – ODYSSEY allows the insurer to manage its daily operations, from policy administration to claims processing and accounting. 
Odyssey Agent module: Odyssey Agent module: With seamless integration to the core system, the ODYSSEY Agent module shares the same set of parameters setup in the back office system
Quotations & Proposals:

ODYSSEY Agent supports a browser-based  user interface to handle client information through the full cycle – from quotation to proposal to actual policy insured status. The user may produce quotation documents, retrieve and change.

ODYSSEY Insurance Systems are owned and developed by Premium Systems Technology, Singapore.

Pyramid – Brokers System

Pyramid is comprehensive broker system for intermediaries who deal with multiple insurers. The system focuses on management of accounts and insurer’s bordereau, maintaining records of policies, claims, products and rates for each insurer they do business with. The system also keeps track of schemes entered into with large corporate clients.

PYRAMID Broker System is owned and developed by Insurefin team.