ICT Project Management:

We use a hybrid of well-known ICT methodologies including Prince2, PMBOK and Agile together with Microsoft Project Management tools to define, track and control task, human resources and costs. Over the years we have successfully  completed numerous insurance systems implementations within budget.
ICT Business Consultancy: We collaborate with a team of highly skilled and experienced business and ICT consultants for ICT corporate strategy, Business Process Management and Change Management.
Systems Integration: Because our solutions are designed for very specific business we prefer to integrate cheaper and popular plug and play third party products to our solutions to give the customer cost-effective and flexibility enterprise solution. Examples of these third party products include Financial Analysis,  Business Intelligence, CRM and Workflow Management tools
Application Software Development:
We have developed a Brokers Management System to assist our customer intermediaries to manage their accounts. 
Where customers desire enhancements to complement their business processes, we  develop these utilities system using Progress Software and Microsoft Development tools.
Support Services: We use both email and telephonic communications to our clients. Where necessary, customers give us access to their infrastructure for us to investigate directly on their system and resolve issues, giving clients comfort of immediate access to problem solving.
Training : We are the accredited training and support center for all Progress Software users in Zimbabwe and other countries using our applications. For Microsoft products, we collaborate with other accredited Microsoft Partners to provide complete service to our clients