About Us


We are a software company specialising in delivery of insurance business solutions in Africa. Since 1993, we have made substantive investment in understanding the needs of our customers. We are committed to building long-term customer relationships, by collaborating with other technical partners to deliver tried and tested systems based on low-cost technologies which are highly adaptable and dynamic, suitable for varied economies across Africa.

Our customers have experienced stability of their core operations using the same applications, some of whom have used it since 1995, realising a return on their investments. We work closely with developers of these mission critical application systems to ensure they deliver solutions appropriate for our regional market, allowing knowledge transfer to equip local skills.


We have recently expanded our range of products from regional software houses, offering Life, Pensions, Employee Benefits, Personal loans Health Insurance, Treasury and Financials among others. Working with these partners ensures products are correctly priced and customised to meet needs of target market.


Our team consists of some of the most highly experienced technical and business skills with over 30 years in ICT and Insurance sectors in Zimbabwe and Botswana, backed up by dedicated and highly skilled software suppliers and business partners. We pride ourselves in having the expertise in Project Management, Implementation & Support, Customisation and Consultancy. We also grow quality ICT and business skills by training and giving young graduates opportunities to apply their acquired skills.